What's the dream?

What’s the Dream?

What’s your dream? What’s your passion? What are your goals?

Envisioning your future and chasing your dreams doesn't have to mean quitting your day job, moving to another country and leaving your current life (and it can if that's what you want). It also doesn’t mean that dreams, passions, and goals are something you sit around and pine for while scrolling through Instagram watching other people live out their own.

So how do you make your dreams a reality? I’ll tell you, it’s simple really, do something about it.

Now if you know me, you know that I am a firm believer of putting it out into the Universe. I’ll probably also chant a mantra, while holding a crystal, and burn some sweetgrass for good measure (I highly recommend all of the aforementioned at least once in your life). I am also a firm believer in getting shit done. I can burn all the sweetgrass in the world and if I sit around all day wishing myself into a new life it’s just not going to happen.

When I moved to NYC in 2006, I did so with no job in sight and just enough money to pay first, last, and security on my Brooklyn apartment. Once I moved in, I went to Times Square to look for waitressing jobs. Little did I know that restaurant work was big business in this city and I needed to have a resume with me. So I hit up the first FedEx office I could find, paid for computer time, printed my resume, and hit the ground running.

Six months later when I quit my restaurant gig, again with no job in sight, I took the train to Chelsea (the art gallery district), this time armed with my resume. I walked into every gallery from 19th or 26th street and spoke to every front desk person that would give me the time of day, which wasn’t many. I did, however, walk out of one gallery with an interview scheduled. This led to my first job in the art world and a 10-year career. Moving to New York City and working in the arts was always my dream. I knew that it wasn’t going to just happen and that if I wanted it, I’d have to do something about it. A LOT of people said no to me, I’m sure even more took my resume and put it directly in the trash once I left, but that one person said yes. Thanks George!

Was it scary? Yes. Was there the possibility that no one would ask for an interview? Yes. Was I going to let that fear get in the way of my dream? No.

We can often focus on what's not possible, all the roadblocks, and the what-ifs. We focus so much on the possibility of future failure that we never take the first step towards the possibility of future success. 

What if it doesn't work?
 What if it's impossible?
 What if it's uncomfortable and scary?
 What if I don't have enough money?
 What if people judge me? What if _______________ (insert your own fear here)?

The list goes on and on.

Here's a what-if for you... 

What if it does work? 
 What if it is possible?
 What if there's something even better on the other side of discomfort and fear?
 What if you increase your income?
 What if others are inspired by your actions? What if _______________ (turn your fear around here)?

I'm not going to say it will all work out according to plan or that there won’t be moments of challenge. Hell, I’m not immune to the fear of judgment or failure (I’ve been waiting to hit publish on this post for longer than I care to admit). However, I will make you this one promise. If you don’t take steps towards your dreams, no matter how big or small, they will never happen.

Did I just crush your dreams?

What if your dream never comes true, not even close.

What's the feeling there, when someone else tells you it’s never going to happen?

I’ll tell you what my feelings are, “yeah, watch me.” The thought of someone esle telling me it’s not going to happen is unacceptable, I wouldn’t stand for it and yet, I’ve been there. Standing in my own way, crushing my own dreams. If you’re not willing to let someone else tell you how far you can go, why do you allow your inner Gremlins (fears, limiting-beliefs, untrue stories) to do so?

Urgh! My gut sinks and my heart breaks a little just thinking about it. I want you to move towards your dreams! I want you to live a life of love and passion. You may not find yourself in the exact place that you expect, however, you may find that your momentum has brought you somewhere equally as amazing.

So here I am, living my NYC art world dream. I vividly remember one day standing in the kitchen with a co-worker saying, “one day I’m going to move to Costa Rica and teach yoga in the jungle.” Dreams change, plans change, you change (check out my bio to understand the full humor of it all). And so began a new chapter.

Let’s try something else. Imagine your dream, feel it, visualize it. What are you wearing? Where are you standing? Who are you surrounded by? Take a moment to enrich and absorb this experience. Feel it, breathe it, live it in your heart and all your cells. Just another breath, let it sink in.

What’s the feeling now? What if your dream does become your reality?

Now, what steps are you going to take to get there?