I was fortunate enough to work with Nicole as she completed her certification to become a Life Coach. I was completely new to the idea of coaching and had no idea what to expect. The few expectations I did have were more than exceeded. She asks the hard questions gently and has been a great comfort throughout the past year. Even if I was initially nervous to get on a call with Nicole, I alway hung up feeling lifted, comforted, and motivated. I am beyond grateful to have her in my life and know that no matter what fabulous place she’s landed in, she’s only a phone call away.
— Kendra


After my own personal struggles and shifts, I discovered coaching through means of yoga and my life was forever changed. How had I never known about this?! Where had coaching been all my life? I felt like I had found the golden ticket to getting unstuck, I wanted to learn more, and so I began my studies to become a Life Coach myself.

I am a certified Souluna Life Coach trained under the guidance of Coby Kozlowski, as well as an E-RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher), YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, Mainer, and Art Lover. Currently, I spend most of my time between Brooklyn, Costa Rica, and Maine teaching yoga, speaking with clients, leading retreats and building the WanderFreely community.  

Photo Credit: © Joel Sharpe Projects

Photo Credit: © Joel Sharpe Projects

What’s it all about?

If you had a magic wand and could create the life that you dream of, what would it look like? Who would you be? What would you do? Where would you go?

The good news is you already have the magic wand! You have the power of choice. You can choose to step into a life you love, to show up for yourself, and embrace the magic of being truly alive.

Don't get me wrong, it's work, AND you can do it. If you are ready to dive deep into self-inquiry, explore limited beliefs that are holding you back, and ask yourself, "what's next?" for the sake of moving into a new perfection, perhaps it's time to explore Coaching.


As a Coach, there are three things that I am passionate about, authenticity, curiosity, and trust. These are some of my personal core values and feel that when they are brought into a coaching relationship a safe and open place for exploration and growth is created.

Authenticity: There is no room in our relationship for anything other than your amazing authentic Self, which includes your joy, self-doubt, rage, compassion, bliss, and whatever else may show up at the table. It's all welcome.

Curiosity: You're on this Earth! How amazing that you are here at this time, in this body, in this place. Let's get curious about what it means to be human, to experience life, and to fully engage

Trust: I want our coaching relationship to be based on mutual trust for one another. You can trust that I not only want you to succeed in loving your life but that I will hold you accountable in taking the steps to do so. I can trust that you will do the work (whatever it may be) to the best of your ability and want to see change.

Whether you feel like your on the verge of something great or that you would like guidance towards your next step, coaching is a powerful experience that can help you view your life with a new perspective. Are you ready to start the conversation? Let's connect.  

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"I'm so grateful to have experienced life coaching with Nicole! Her openness and support helped me explore my true-self and acknowledge areas where I was denying myself things that I needed, like more time for self-care. On this journey, we worked together to make the changes I needed in ways that pushed me out of my comfort zone but still felt authentic to me. Nicole inspired me to celebrate my potential, remain more self-aware, and feel empowered to keep working toward my goals, no matter how big or small!"

~ Jess

"Nicole encourages you to explore situations from many points of view so that you can come up with a meaningful direction to move in, with actionable outcomes to help you move towards whatever your goal may be. Using many different techniques she gives you the courage to trust your instincts and believe in yourself - I call her my personal cheerleader. I’ve made huge leaps forward on many aspects of my life that I was stuck on and faced some big scary fears along the way. Everyone needs a Nicole :)"

~ Joanna

"I love having coaching sessions with Nicole. I feel so at ease with her, she allows me freedom to express what I need to and helps me to think of situations in a different way. She also gives me some useful tools that I can incorporate into my daily life. I would highly recommend for anyone to schedule a session with Nicole. I can’t wait for my next one!"

~ Caitlyn R.

Coaching Prices and Package Options (three month commitment):

  • Two Sessions per month: $130

  • Three Sessions per month: $185

  • Four Sessions per month: $240

(First session is complimentary. Sliding scale available based on income)