I love having coaching sessions with Nicole. I feel so at ease with her, she allows me freedom to express what I need to and helps me to think of situations in a different way. She also gives me some useful tools that I can incorporate into my daily life. I would highly recommend for anyone to schedule a session with Nicole. I can’t wait for my next one!
— Caitlyn
Working with Nicole is an amazing and special experience! I’ve been in traditional counseling in the past and this feels very different. Nicole has a magical gift of looking at things from different angles and asking thought-provoking questions that leave you pondering and processing for days (or months!). I still reference some of my notes from our initial conversation when I journal or am working through a challenging time. When I find myself falling into old patterns I can hear Nicole’s positive, yet honest, thought-provoking questions and it helps me turn my old habits around. She guides you to find the answers on your own while holding you accountable and helping you realize you are worth the effort and change. Instead of just rehashing a story, Nicole structures the call with a topic and successfully facilitates that conversation so it feels proactive and productive. Her approach is action-oriented, without being pushy or making you feel like you must immediately change. Nicole has a wealth of knowledge and resources to spark a fire and then guide you on your own to work on the topics discussed. Nicole is extremely approachable, compassionate, real, and genuine, which makes it easy to be honest, feel safe, and open up about vulnerable topics.
— C.C.
I was fortunate enough to work with Nicole as she completed her certification to become a Life Coach. I was completely new to the idea of coaching and had no idea what to expect. The few expectations I did have were more than exceeded. She asks the hard questions gently and has been a great comfort throughout the past year. Even if I was initially nervous to get on a call with Nicole, I always hung up feeling lifted, comforted, and motivated. I am beyond grateful to have her in my life and know that no matter what fabulous place she’s landed in, she’s only a phone call away.
— Kendra