I attended one of Nicole’s yoga classes and what a blessing! The focus was on compassion for self and I certainly felt the presence of compassion with every move and breath. One of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. I could feel Nicole’s passion for what she does and it seems that it comes very naturally. I look forward to attending another one!
— Mari

I love to move and my classes are designed to get you doing just that. I want you to move like you, whatever that means on any given day. Classes range from dynamic Vinyasa Flows to inquiry-based Yin Yoga, always focusing on functional anatomy, breath connection, and meditation techniques. My teaching style offers students the opportunity to tap into their own strength and empowerment, emphasizing fun, a sense of exploration, and being present with whatever comes up.

Students are left feeling both enlivened and at peace within themselves. Group classes are designed to help students create space and strength within themselves on the mat, so that they may incorporate their practice with more clarity and understanding off the mat. My aim is to offer a safe space where students can explore their thoughts, bodies, and spiritual practices without judgment or fear. Oh, and we’ll probably dance a little as well.

Styles taught include Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yin | Vin, and Restorative.

Private Classes

Private classes are a wonderful way to individualize your practice and receive unique sequencing for your body. One-on-one classes allow for opportunity to breakdown postures, philosophies, and practice what is best for you.

Public Classes

Come find your tribe and see for yourself why practicing with others can be so transformative. Check out some of my public classes and join in the experience of Kula (Community).

Retreats & Workshops

Whether it’s an afternoon in Maine or a week away in the jungle, a retreat or workshop is an amazing opportunity to make time for yourself. Enjoy a conscious pause from your routine and explore what becomes possible when you break out of the ordinary.