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A Yogi's Sacred Journey to the Sacred Valley

Join Adriana Robertson and Ariana Novak on this sacred journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru!  You will experience mother earth,  ancient ruins, yoga, meditation, and intentional community as doorways that will guide you to connect with your most aligned and integrated self.  Each group activity and practice has been chosen with intention and purpose and is intended to support you in experiencing life fully and with a new found sense of ease, intention, trust, adventure, and vigor for life.

Each morning you will begin the day with a yoga and meditation practice.  Activities will vary day by day, but you can count on opportunities to connect with locals, experience the local culture, visit historic sites, and participate in traditional ceremonies. You will travel together as an intentional community and will regularly take time to process and integrate your experiences together.  Group coaching will be woven into all parts of your journey. You will also have time to reflect and explore on your own and tend to yourself as needed.

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