I can say that this experience opened up infinite doors for me into the wonders of the Universe both inside myself and in everything else.
— Chloe, 2018 Quarter-Life Calling Scholarship recipient

Here at WanderFreely we believe in supporting individuals who follow their dreams and passions. This is why we started the WanderFreely Scholarship program in May 2018.  Our mission is to help students reach their goals by either fully funding programs and/or awarding a designated amount towards student’s continuing education within the health and wellness field. With this support students are able to continue their education and learn tools to better serve their own well-being and their communities.

Funds will be collected on an ongoing basis and distributed to applicants who align with our mission of inspiring others to empower themselves through authenticity, curiosity, and transformation.      

Together we can help change the life of one person at a time. 

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Photo: © Joel Sharpe Projects

Photo: © Joel Sharpe Projects