The Jungle doesn't give a F**K!

Photo: © Joel Sharpe Projects

Photo: © Joel Sharpe Projects

The Jungle doesn’t care where you come from, who you know, or how much money is in your bank account.  She doesn’t care that you’re behind in paying your bills or that you just got a huge promotion.  And she certainly doesn’t give a fuck about what shape, size, color, gender, or religion you are.  

She will put an enormous golden orb spider in your window, rats in your kitchen, and geckos, well - everywhere.  She will open the skies and drop buckets of rain on you (especially if you have all your electronics in your bag), and will destroy all of your clothing with mold.  

She will put poisonous snakes in your path, decide to turn off your power in the middle of a shower, and make you wonder what the hell you ate/drank to make your stomach feel this way. 

She will test you in ways your never saw coming and will break you down to your rawest Self.

She will strip away the idea that you are separate from your surroundings and remind you that everything is connected.  You are not your job, your history, your limited-beliefs, your fears, your insecurities, or your doubts.  That you, my friend, are a part of something bigger.

She will create music with the sounds of nature and sunsets that take your breath away on the daily, and will remind you that you are surrounded by life.  Life that is vibrant, life that is ever-changing, life that is worth exploring. 

She will teach you that you don’t need much to survive and - dare I say - be happy.  For happiness is truly an inside job and can be practiced anywhere at anytime regardless of how much stuff you do or do not have. 

She will teach you that you are stronger than you ever thought possible.  
Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  
That yes, you can carry that water jug all the way up the hill.
That yes, solitude is a good thing and doesn’t have to equate to loneliness. 
That yes, sometimes you wear your heart on your sleeve for all to witness. 
And YES God/Goddess/Universe/Nature and your Soul are made up of the same jungle mud and the same magical stardust.

The Jungle doesn’t give a FUCK because she sees the real you.  She sees all your hurt, confusion, heartbreak, and uncertainty, as well as your passions, dreams, goals, and creativity and treats you just the same.  No special favors. Only honesty.  

She sees you so that you may truly see yourSelf. 


Unapologetically you in all of your complicated beauty and all of your light.