Erin Foley


WandFreely: You are the founder of Womben Wellness.  Can you tell us more about it?

Erin Foley: Womben Wellness was birthed out of a deep longing to connect women with the magic of their beautiful, all knowing bodies. When women come together to release, heal, and understand each other, Mother Earth begins to transform. This is a platform for women to reclaim the powerful rights of their womb through free health education, women’s intensives, and practitioner trainings.

WF: What called to you to help reconnect women with their bodies?

EF: This project stems out of my own journey of womanhood and my experience of disconnection from my body and ancestral shame that was passed down to me. Although I was living, working, and existing in a patriarchal world - my body, mind, and heart were not aligned, often leaving me to feel deep sadness and confusion. These practices and wisdom that I share come from my own journey into myself, and into a deeper connection with self love. I have seen the magic that happens when women are reconnected with their sacred, wild, and timeless true nature - and it is powerful. I believe that healing Mother Earth first begins by healing the relationship between the womban and her body.

WF: What becomes available to women when they begin to see the beauty and magic within their physical form?

EF: The world begins to heal. The women’s physical bodies are the human manifestation of Mother Earth. When I meet women who are disconnected from their lunar cycle and frustrated from their natural, unique rhythm, it’s the same energy as trees being cut down, as pollution filling the water supply. How we treat ourselves, our inner self talk, how we allow ourselves to be treated - this energy is being mirrored by the outside world.  When we come together in vulnerability, we open the portal to heal the shame, guilt, and fear that can be held within the body. We have the power to unapologetically step into who we are, and this invites the rest of the world to do the same.

WF: How do you practice self-care within your own body?

EF: Self care is a sacred act that I’ve only just connected to within the last few years. As women living in patriarchal society, we are given praise for saying yes, for being available to all those in need. However, the potent word ‘NO’ is rarely used, and I am just beginning to figure out the potency of setting boundaries. Saying ‘no’ has shown me where I can very powerfully use the words ‘YES’ to the most aligned projects and relationships in my life. This act may seem small, but it has completely transformed by life by giving me the space to use my energy to nourish myself.

WF: How does living within nature inspire you?

EF: Mother Nature teaches me patience every day. I feel blessed to live in one of the most biodynamically diverse places in the world in Costa Rica. The Earth is the macrocosm that represents all that’s going on within the woman’s microcosmic body. Through watching the cycles of nature, I am able to give thanks for the infinite wisdom of the circular energy and healing happening within my own Earth, my body.

WF: We are hearing more and more about plant medicine.  Can you tell us what this means to you?

EF: All plants offer us medicine both on the biochemical physical level, as well as the emotional and spiritual levels. I believe that the Western world is rediscovering ancient and thriving traditions of plant medicine to heal the deep wounds within our societies. Plants offer us the perfect, unique balance that is intimately crafted by nature to help us heal on all levels. Every plant offers a guiding energy, influencing us to come back to the truth - that we are never alone, we are always looked after, and the universe is conspiring for our success.

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